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The Intelligent Use of Water Awards: A Grant Program for Water Conservation

Water is the most precious resource on earth. Without it, no life can exist. That not only refers to plants and animals but to human beings as well. That is why I was enthusiastic to participate when Sarah Eigner of Intelligent Use of Water Awards contacted me, asking if I would promote a contest for grant money for water conservation projects, sponsored by Rain Bird, an irrigation supplier.

I receive requests on a weekly basis, asking me to promote or link to products and services. I decline most of them because they do not reflect the focus of my blog or because they are nothing more than blatant commercial plugs. However, when I do mention a product, person or service it is because I believe my readers will appreciate or enjoy learning about the subject.


World Water Day will be observed on March 22, 2011, in order to promote the efficient use of water, the importance of green spaces and the sustainability of nature. To mark that event, Rain Bird is donating $50,000 to be awarded to water conservation projects, voted to be the most popular. Anyone with Internet access can submit their project idea to one of three funding categories ($1500, $5000, and $10,000) and then share it in social media.

Users can then vote and the projects with the most votes will be are awarded grant money on World Water Day, March 22, 2011.

At best, this is an opportunity to get funding in order to realize a dream project related to the conservation of water. At least, it will publicize ideas germinating in communities around the country and allow conservationists to share information about the inspiring projects of others. The process leading up to the awards could be educational both for participants and voters.

Some may be put off by the fact that the award program is underwritten by a commercial supplier of irrigation products. Don’t be! Look upon this gesture as an opportunity that might result in a net contribution to a significant water conservation program. It is of little consequence where the money for a sustainability program comes from because grant funds allow us to tackle a problem immediately. There is no longer a need to navigate the maze of government bureaucracy, begging for help. The planet is the ultimate beneficiary.

For more information about the Intelligent Use of Water Awards, here is a link to the site;


Add a Drip and Save the Planet

 After we switch over to cleaner and domestically produced energy sources, we will immediately have to turn our attention to the conservation of water. It doesn’t matter why, but some parts of North America are becoming increasingly vulnerable to droughts capable of destroy crops, livestock, segments of the economy and our quality of life. A natural disaster is waiting for a precipitate in order to happen. If that should occur, investments in our landscaping will also be at risk. One day it may become necessary to resort to continent-altering diversions of water and to modify its consumption. Gardeners and commercial farmers need to start practicing efficient water conservation habits now. Using drip hoses instead of overhead sprinklers would be a good start. Click here to read Fran Sorin's very important article on this subject titled "Drip Irrigation: Common Sense Watering". Not only is this a must read, but some of her readers' comments on this subject are illuminating.