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Fifteen Low-Growing White Flowering Plants


After reading last week’s post about a white and green garden, a fellow blogger asked for recommendations for low-growing white plants.

Using a cut-off point of approximately 12 inches, I have compiled a list suggesting those plants wherein most, but not all, will grow reliably in my zone of USDA 4 [equivalent to Zone 5 for Canadians].

Readers who would like to supplement the list that appears below with additional suggestions for white-flowering plants, that grow up to 12 inches tall, but suitable for warmer climates, are invited to submit recommendations in the comment section at the foot of this post. I'm certain that my fellow blogger will be most appreciative.

Plants that are considered to be aggressive or self-seeders have been omitted from the list of fifteen; however, rock-garden plants that spread or sprawl almost-to-eternity are included because, when they bloom, they are breathtakingly beautiful.

Like most plant lists, this one provides names of those that might be unsuitable for some eco- climates. Therefore, technical details for each should be sourced online to determine if one’s growing conditions are compatible. A plant name with an asterisk* indicates that it has not yet been tested in my garden.

Most of the suggested plants flower in spring or early summer. However, the three plants, Achillea ptarmica Ballerina, Armeria maretima, and Rosa chinensis all have a remarkably long bloom period.

Achillea ptarmica Ballerina 12-18 inches

Anemone canadensis* 15 inches

Arabis caucasica 8 inches

Arenaria Montana 2-4 inches

Armeria maretima alba 4-6 inches

Aruncus aethusifolus 8-12 inches

Bergenia Bressingham White 12-16 inches

Campanula carpatica White Clips 6-12 inches

Dianthus deltoids Alba 8 inches

Dicentra Ivory Hearts 10-12 inches

Geranium sanguinem album 10-18 inches

Phlox subulata white 6 inches

Pulmonaria Sissinghurst White 12 inches

Saxifraga arendsii 4-6 inches

Rosa chinensis white [miniature rose] 12-18 inches